Champion Under Construction for your organization's next event:

Are you a meeting planner or human resource professional invested in the growth of your organization's members?  Whether you want to inspire, motivate or empower your club, group or organization, Champion Under Construction has a solution for you.  Talks are customized to meet your personal objectives as you serve your group.




  • Onsite Employee Training   
  • New Hire Orientation / On-boarding
  • Employee Recognition
  • Networking Meetings
  • Organization Meetings
  • Lunch / Dinner and Learn
  • Conferences
  • Faith Based  Organization Events and Conferences
  • Special Events
  • Retreats


  • Keynotes
  • Seminars
  • Break Out Sessions
  • Workshops
  • Emcee

Topics Include


An Ounce of Prevention, Your Foundational Tools for Everyday Safety—Use These Success Strategies to Help Keep Your Team Safe (Workplace Safety; Violence Prevention, Workplace Bullying, Sexual Assault / Harassment Prevention, Risk Management, Non-Violent Conflict Resolution)

"It's Not You, It's Me" - 3 Must Have Breakups to Help You Break Free (Mindset; Violence Prevention, Non-Violent Conflict Resolution)

Build a Bridge and Go Over It--(Team Building, Work Group Cohesiveness, Diversity / Inclusion, Cultural Competence, Inter-generational Diversity, Group Dynamics, Effective Communication Skills, Employee Engagement)

The Other "B" Word--Boundaries, a Vital Tool for Success (Stress Management, Work / Life Balance. Effective Communication)

Flowing, Rather Than Fighting, With Inevitable Change (Change and Transition Management, Stress Management, Work / Life Balance, Goal Setting, Overcoming Challenges)

Simple Success Principles for Peak Performance  (Employee Engagement, Goal Setting, Life's Purpose / Vision / Dream, Career / Personal Assessment, Motivation, Overcoming Challenges, Effective Communication Skills)

Additional Topics

Self Defense Seminar (also excellent for team building)


I found the content relevant and useful for my day to day life. The information was easy to understand, and the techniques easy to learn and apply. I would definitely recommend this seminar to others, and plan to implement it into my company’s corporate wellness program.
— Jeni H. -- Wellness Program Coordinator

“Jeff” — Former Prosecutor “[Dawn] opened my eyes… that there are a lot of things we can do to not be victims”

An excellent seminar that I would definitely recommend to others.
— Chandra -- Accountant

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