Champion Under Construction for your next organization's event:

Are you a activities planner or coordinator invested in the growth of your students or youth educators?  Whether you want to inspire or empower your students or youth educators, Champion Under Construction has a solution for you.  Talks are age appropriate for younger audiences and customizable to meet your personal objectives as you serve your group.



  • Orientation Events
  • Back to School
  • Student Safety /Violence Prevention Initiatives
  • Sexual Assault Prevention Month
  • Youth Conferences
  • Black History Month
  • Cultural Heritage Events
  • Staff Development
  • Professional Development 
  • Summer Camps
  • LGBTQ+ Events
  • Student Leadership
  • Student and Staff Retreats
  • College and Career Readiness


  • Keynotes
  • Seminars
  • Break Out Sessions
  • Workshops
  • Emcee

Topics Include


An Ounce of Prevention, Your Foundational Tools for Everyday Safety—Use these student success strategies to help keep you safe (Campus / Student Safety; Violence Prevention, Anti-Bullying, Sexual Assault Prevention, Student Leadership, Non-Violent Conflict Resolution)

"No Means Yes, Right?”   Deconstructing the Myths of Safe Dating and Socializing (Sexual Assault Prevention, Violence Prevention, Campus / Student Safety, Healthy Relationships, Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Abuse, Student Leadership)

How to Knock Down a Wall--Breaking Down the Barriers to Diversity and Inclusion (Diversity / Inclusion, Cultural Competence, Student Leadership, Student Leadership)  

Build a Bridge and Go Over It--(Team Building, Work Group Cohesiveness, Diversity / Inclusion, Student Leadership)

The Other "B" Word--Boundaries, a Vital Tool for Academic and Social Success (Stress Management, School / Social Life Balance, Student Leadership, Effective Communication Skills)

"It's Not You, It's Me" - 3 Must Have Breakups to Help You Break Free (Student Success Mindset; Violence Prevention, Non-Violent Conflict Resolution)

The Fresher Five--Smoothing the Transition From High School To College (Change and Transition Management, Stress Management, School / Social Life Balance, Goal Setting, Motivation, Student Leadership) 

Unwrap Your Gifts--Building Tomorrow's Champions Today  (Goal Setting, Life's Purpose / Vision / Dream, Career Assessment, Motivation /Inspiration, Student Success, Student Leadership)

Additional Topics

Self Defense Seminar (also excellent for team building)

An excellent seminar for me and my staff! It was well organized, interesting and held my attention. Dawn was very knowledgeable. I really like the multi-sensory approach to the training. I think it’s really important. I felt good. It’s a really good class. The seminar is an excellent value, and one that I have recommended to others.
— Sarah H. -- Principal

Name Withheld, Student — Thank you… for such a good time. I learned that it's okay to not have somebody in my space, and that there's a nice way to tell them without being ugly!

I’m really glad I took the class because I’m leaving for school. I didn’t know what I would do if something happened to me and now I do. It was really good. I had fun.
— Dini P. -- Student

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